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Additional terms and conditions

Additional Terms for Educational Settings

Last updated: 27th November 2020

These Additional Terms for Educational Settings are additional terms and conditions which apply to Herts for Learning shareholder schools, Academies, free schools, and other educational establishments (together “Educational Settings”) and should be read in addition to the General Terms of Website Use.  Together, these Additional Terms for Educational Settings and the General Terms of Website Use set out the terms of use on which:

  • you, as an Educational Setting, may advertise jobs on and other sites; (e.g. TES, Guardian)
  • on which we provide services to you;
  • you may evaluate job candidates; and
  • candidates may apply for jobs

These Additional Terms apply to any Educational Setting choosing to use the Teach in Herts website.  In the event of any conflict with the General Terms of Website Use, the terms of these Additional Terms shall prevail over the General Terms of Website Use.

When using this service you may place job adverts with services offered by third party suppliers. Each of these services may have its own terms and conditions or licences that apply only to that service and the people that use it. If you use any service you should make sure that you have read all of the terms and conditions for that service.

For the purposes of the Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003 this Site operates as a venue only and does not introduce or supply work-seekers to recruiters or vice versa.

These Additional Terms are not intended to, and shall not be deemed to, create any relationship of agency, partnership or joint venture between us and you, or between us and any third party.

1. Teach in Herts website

Herts for Learning Ltd provides the Teach in Herts website in accordance with these Additional Terms for Educational Settings. As part of the Teach in Herts service we will:

  • Enable you to advertise and manage your job vacancies on the Teach in Herts website
  • provide you with reasonable levels of support and advice by telephone and email, in relation to your use of the Teach in Herts website.

2. Job Adverts

When requesting job adverts to be placed on this site, you agree to:

2.1 provide a full, clear and accurate job description;

2.2 provide a rate of pay equal to, or more than the National Minimum Wage, unless a lawful exemption applies [and will clearly state where the vacancy offers a zero hours contract];

2.3 adhere to all relevant UK legislation, and all required licences must be in place;

2.4 adhere to the requirements of UK government departments;

2.5 ensure that all adverts are available to jobseekers on an open and fair basis;

2.6 advertise a job only where a vacancy exists, for example not for the purposes of building a database of potential candidates;

2.7 ensure all apprenticeship job descriptions contain the word 'Apprenticeship' in the job title, and include the qualification that the apprentice will work towards, the length of the apprenticeship and the name of the employer.

3. Vacancy Management

3.1 You agree to:

3.1.1 close the vacancy promptly

3.1.2 not to advertise more vacancies than there are jobs available;

3.2. You shall only collect personal information from applicants where there is a legitimate reason to do so and you shall delete all personal information obtained through the Teach in Herts website upon conclusion of your search for a suitable candidate or in accordance with your obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998, unless the applicant has expressly consented to the retention and continued processing of his/her personal data.  

3.3 Regularly archive jobs and ensure that candidate details are kept for no longer than 1 year.

3.4 Provide feedback to candidates on the status of their application

4. Our obligations

4.1 Subject to the following provisions in this clause 4, we will do our best to make sure that generic content on this site is correct and up to date. If we have missed out any information or any mistakes are identified we will correct it as soon as possible.

4.2 We cannot guarantee the availability or accuracy of data and information of any particular service provided by us or any website which you ask us to advertise your vacancy on (e.g. Teach in Herts,TES, the Guardian).

4.3 We will not pay damages for any loss that you may suffer because:

4.3.1 of any failure by us to comply with the Website Terms or these Additional Terms, where it is because of circumstances out of our reasonable control;

4.3.2 of a withdrawal of this Site;

4.3.3 you have used, or relied on the accuracy of, the information on Our service; or

4.3.4 disruption to your computer system or damage or loss of data caused by using this Site or as a result of having used the Site. It is your responsibility to have adequate security protection on your computer against viruses, malicious codes and similar threats.

5. Our rights (including limits of our liability to you)

5.1 You shall be solely responsible for satisfying yourself as to the suitability of any applicant who responds to a vacancy and shall be solely responsible for taking up any references and checking qualifications provided by the applicant before engaging him or her and for checking that the applicant is entitled to work in the United Kingdom. We accept no responsibility or liability for the suitability or otherwise of any applicant who responds to a vacancy or who is engaged by you.

5.2 We also exclude all liability to the fullest extent permitted by law in respect of any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage resulting or arising from any non-availability of our website or from your use of our site.

5.3 We reserve the right not to advertise any vacancy that we believe is unsuitable, and to remove any advertised vacancy that we subsequently believe is unsuitable.

5.4 If you breach the Terms, we may, without notice:

5.4.1 remove your details from the Site and/ or stop you from using the Site;

5.4.2 edit your details held on the Site.

5.5 If we are asked to pay damages because we have advertised your vacancy, you agree to pay those damages back to Us.

5.6 When your account is closed all of the information in it, including saved candidate details, may be marked as deleted by us and removed from our databases.

6. Charges

6.1 Herts for Learning Ltd has the right to make a charge to Educational Settings for the use of the Teach in Herts service.

6.2 Educational Settings who do not pay this charge, will not have access to the Teach in Herts website.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

You shall retain all intellectual property rights in all information, data, text, software, photographs, messages or other materials (“User Content”) submitted for posting or display but you grant us a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free licence in order to reproduce, adapt, distribute and publish that User Content on our website and any other third party’s website (e.g. TES, Guardian Jobs) which you instruct us to advertise the job application on; and that you also grant that third party a licence on the same terms.  You retain responsibility for protecting those intellectual property rights.   All intellectual property rights, including all copyright and database rights, in all other content shall be owned by us (or third parties).

8. Data protection

Information you provide to us will be managed in accordance with the law, including the Data Protection Act 1998. For further information please read our Privacy Policy.

9. Complaints

4.5 If you wish to make a complaint about the Teach in Herts service, we will respond to you as detailed in the Herts for Learning complaints policy which can be found on our website:

10. Herts for Learning Company Details

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Registered in England and Wales company number 8419581

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