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Pay ranges- Support Staff

Support Staff Pay Ranges

Below is a table of support staff pay ranges for 2018/19. We have also included guidance on how to calculation an hourly or pro-rata rate of pay for part-time staff. 



How to calculate an hourly rate of pay

The hourly rate of pay is based on the full-time annual salary for the post divided by 52.142 weeks per year, then divided by 37 hours per week.

The daily rate is based on the full-time annual salary divided by 365 (days per year).

How to calculate pro-rata rate of pay from an annual salary figure

Payment of salary and allowances is pro-rata for part-time employees and is calculated by dividing the full time salary by 37 (full-time hours) and 52.142 (full-time working weeks) then multiplying by the number of your working hours per week and paid weeks.