Recruitment team

We now have four dedicated team members working on school recruitment.

Anne Taylor, Head Of Recruitment Services

Anne has overall responsibility for the team and all recruitment activity related to schools, both for Teach in Herts and Leadership Recruitment Services.  She is also a member of the HFL Safeguarding Team. Anne is looking for development opportunities for the service, so please do get in touch with her if you feel there is something we should be progressing for Hertfordshire Schools. 

Toni Argent, Recruitment Manager

Toni has specialist responsibility for developing and delivering the Leadership Recruitment Service, from start to appointment. Her HR expertise, in conjunction with the achievement team, allows us to offer a comprehensive competency-based interview and assessment-day framework. Toni is developing further supporting resources for recruitment activity in the future.  If you have ideas that you think could be developed in this area, please do not hesitate to contact Toni.

Katie Lewis and Vita Genco, Recruitment Officers

Katie and Vita work across both Teach in Herts and Leadership Recruitment Services, and will be responding to enquiries via our main telephone line 01438 845785 and our two shared inboxes:

Katie was a school office manager with previous recruitment agency experience and Vita is an HR professional. We are delighted to have them both looking after our schools, giving us extra capacity to deliver our services.

Please use the main shared inboxes for the quickest response to your recruitment requests.