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University of Hertfordshire

University of Hertfordshire

The University of Hertfordshire (UH) is committed to transforming lives through education. The School of Education has strong links to hundreds of organisations, including nursery, primary and secondary schools, giving students plenty of opportunities to gain practical experience and tackle professional challenges head on. As a result, UH graduates go on to successful careers and have a huge impact on the lives of thousands of learners.

The innovative courses reflect the social, political and technological changes taking place in the field of education, and students benefit from the expertise which spans curriculum development, educational assessment, early childhood education and STEM education.

With a long history of working in the education and training of teachers and other professionals in the education sector, it is an established and dynamic School committed to developing excellence and confidence in teaching, learning and professional practice for individuals in a variety of contexts.

We maintain high professional training standards through excellence in scholarship and research, alongside an emphasis on reflective practice. Innovative work in research and consultancy adds to our local, national and international credentials. UH offers both university-led as well as School Direct routes into primary and secondary teaching, working with partnership schools across Hertfordshire and its neighbouring areas.

UH is a leading regional provider of Initial Teacher Education. Further details can be found on their website:

University of Hertfordshire, School of Education