Pay ranges- Teaching Staff

Teacher pay ranges 2022/23

Each school has the option to set its own pay points within each of the ranges. Most schools in Hertfordshire are believed to follow these reference points, however it should be noted they do not have to. Greater flexibility was introduced into the pay arrangements for schoolteachers in 2014 so it is important to recognise that not all employers will use the same values.

We have mirrored the advisory pay point values where they feature in the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document 2022 (STPCD). In 2022 the STPCD included advisory pay points for Unqualified Teachers, Main and Upper Pay Range. Where values are not included in the STPCD the values set out here reflect pay awards applied to ranges year on year as applicable.

Please note, points 18*, 21*, 24*, 27*, 31*, 35*, 39* and 43 on the Leadership Pay Range are the salary figures for head teachers at, or moving to, the top of the school group ranges only. These different figures are a legacy of the 2015 STPCD which provided for no uplift to the maxima of the eight head teacher group ranges.

For the avoidance of doubt, we are not recommending any particular approach be taken.

How to calculate an hourly rate of pay

The hourly rate of pay is based on the full-time annual salary for the post divided by 52.142 weeks per year, then divided by 37 hours per week (non-teaching staff) or 32.5 hours per week (teaching staff).

The daily rate is based on the full-time annual salary divided by 365 (days per year).

How to calculate pro-rata rate of pay from an annual salary figure

Payment of salary and allowances is pro-rata for part-time employees and is calculated by dividing the full time salary by eother 37 or 32.5 (full-time hours) and 52.142 (full-time working weeks) then multiplying by the number of your working hours per week and paid weeks.

You can use our handy pro rata salary calculator to help you.