Pay scales

Teacher pay scales

Model reference points covering the Hertfordshire area

Each school has the option to set its own pay points within each of the ranges. Most schools in Hertfordshire are believed to follow these reference points, however it should be noted they do not have to.

Teacher Pay Scales

Professional and support pay scales

The process for calculating your rate of pay depends on a number of factors, such as your salary grade, scale point, hours per week and weeks per year. Some roles may be term time only, which equates to 39 weeks per year. However, other roles may include a number of extra weeks, which should be detailed in the advert.

How to calculate an hourly rate of pay

The hourly rate of pay is based on the full-time annual salary for the post divided by 52.142 weeks per year, then divided by 37 hours per week.

The daily rate is based on the full-time annual salary divided by 365 (days per year).

The salary grades for professional support roles and teaching roles in Hertfordshire schools are available here: