Supply teaching

If you are looking for supply work in Hertfordshire there are two options available.

1. Register with one or more supply agencies

A large number of supply agencies operate within Hertfordshire, each offering a different service. You will need to decide which agencies suit your needs and requirements.

When a school is looking at candidates from an agency, there are several aspects they have to consider:

  • Value for money – whether you are worth the daily fee
  • Commitment – whether you are committed to doing the best job possible
  • Ability – whether you are able to fulfil the job criteria
  • Expectations – whether you fulfil the expectations of the post

Two companies, Randstad Education and Step Teachers, currently offer the Hertfordshire Supply Teachers recruitment service in partnership with Herts for Learning, on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council.

Randstad Education

Tel: 0844 880 2577

Step Teachers

Step Teachers - Herts Office
Primary Team - Tel: 01707 527420
Secondary Team - Tel: 01707 527430

2. Apply directly to schools

You can contact schools directly to offer your services as a supply teacher. We recommend that you send your CV and a covering letter to your selected schools.

In order for a school to consider you as a supply teacher, you will have to have a current DBS certificate relevant to the authority you are applying to: have references that are current and can be easily checked, and consider how the school will be paying for your service. You might in some instances have to be self-employed.