Trade unions

Details of trade union support available to staff working in Hertfordshire schools. More details will be added as they become available.

The Aspect Group

The Aspect Group is part of Prospect, the leading union for professionals in the UK, with 115,000 strong membership.  The Aspect Group represents professionals in educational improvement, including education advisers, professionals in Early Years, youth service managers and specialists of all kinds in both the public and private sectors. 

Aspect Group members in Early Years roles work in a variety of settings, from private nurseries to large children’s centres and in a variety of different roles, such as inspectors and lecturers.  As a member, you will get opportunities to learn from other practitioners and professionals in your field, through the union's information channels and networks.  Research into Early Years provision has consistently shown that education in the first years of life is a critical determinant of children’s futures. 

Prospect believes that education professionals work and qualifications should be valued.  The union is in dialogue with key decision-makers in both government and opposition parties to secure proper recognition of how important the educational professional roles are, now and in the future.  Prospect exists to make its members’ working lives run more smoothly.  The union promotes fair working practices so that everyone in Early Years can focus on the care and education of children.

Benefits of membership include regular information on current developments in school and educational improvement, including a dedicated sector magazine, access to flexible career support and training services, professional representation and free legal assistance for work-related problems.

For more information please telephone the Aspect Group of Prospect office on 01924 207890 or visit the website at



With over a quarter of a million members across all sectors from early years to further education,  the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT) is the largest teachers' union in the UK.

The union provides an array of services, including high-quality support, advice and representation for members; legal representation; national and regional training programmes; and professional seminars and conferences.

NASUWT is also politically independent. It makes no donations either directly or indirectly. The union's aim is to serve the best interests of teachers teachers, no matter which party forms the government at national or local level.

To seek advice on any employment-related matters, members in England should call 03330 145550 or email

The National Union of Teachers (NUT)

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) is the largest teachers' union, providing unrivalled legal and professional support with the following benefits:

  •  The sole union that recruits only qualified teachers, and those on a route to QTS
  •  An education campaigning organisation fighting for issues that matter to teachers, parents and children
  •  The only teachers’ union campaigning consistently for one union for all teachers
  • A democratic union that encourages all members to get involved in determining union policy
  •  Provider of a comprehensive CPD programme, with preferential rates for NUT members. See course details at:

Membership is free during training and costs £1 in your first year of teaching, and there are other special rates. Apply now at: