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I can’t login to the new website

Your login details to the old website will no longer work. You need to re-register your details and create a new username (email address) and password on the new website.

I have forgotten my password

If you have registered on the new website but have forgotten your password you can submit a request to reset it on the login page.

I have registered on the new website but my personal details have disappeared?

In order to ensure that the profiles we hold for all candidates are up to date and comply with the latest safeguarding requirements, you will be required to re-register on the new website. Once you have registered you can complete your online application with your personal details, qualifications, employment history and personal statement at any time.

Please note that it is no longer possible to obtain a copy of your details from the old website.

Can I access my previous job applications?

You will only be able to access job applications on the new Teach in Herts website if you applied for them through the new site. If you applied for jobs through the old Teach in Herts website you will no longer be able to access details of these jobs.

How do you extract the information from the on-line application form into Word or PDF format for applying to schools that require email or postal applications?

The online application form is separate from the ‘downloadable’ Word/PDF versions schools may have uploaded. There is currently no way of extrapolating the information automatically into any a Word/PDF form the school may have uploaded. For that reason we are encouraging as many schools as possible to choose the option to receive applications via the online application process as it is the quickest and easiest way for candidates to apply for jobs.

I get an error message when I try to open the application form

If you get a message along the lines of “this pdf can’t be viewed directly in the browser” this is because some browsers can’t display the pdf. To open it you can right-click on the “Application Form” link in the documents list on the job advert and “Save as…”, then open it from wherever you have saved it on your computer. It should then open up in Adobe Reader, as long as you have it installed. If not it can be downloaded from: