Playhouse Nursery Pre-school "Providing fun, friendship and learning for all"

Hertsmere Borough



Our very experienced and highly qualified staff team ensure that children are provided with a varied range of engaging activities. Playhouse Nursery specialises in ‘Learning through Play’. Children learn best when they are active and they are more likely to retain learning when a more ‘hands on’ approach is taken. At Playhouse we take a holistic approach to child development and also place a strong emphasis on lifelong learning skills; *Making relationships with adults and peers. *Developing self confidence. *Becoming an independent learner. Each child has a key person who will ensure that each individual child’s developmental needs and interests are reflected and provided for in our learning environment. This helps each and every child progress and have fun. We work in partnership with parents and have an ‘Open Door’ policy, this means you are welcome to come in and visit at any time. In addition we welcome volunteers and parents and carers who have a skill to share (playing a musical instrument, pasta making etc). Please let us know if you would like more information about volunteering or coming in to share a skill. We also have strong links with local schools and the wider community.