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ECT induction in Hertfordshire

ECT Induction in Hertfordshire

Induction is the bridge between initial teacher training and a career in the teaching profession. 

Herts for Learning ECT registration guidance for 2022-2023

As per the statutory regulations, schools need to register their ECTs with an Appropriate Body (AB) for statutory induction in addition to choosing an Early Career Framework (ECF) training programme.

Appropriate Body registration

1.       For new ECTS starting their induction September 2022

From September 2022, Herts for Learning is working in partnership with Chiltern Teaching School Hub to provide AB induction services. This means schools will continue to access the same service and same advisers as they have through the Herts AB service. 

If you are choosing to register your ECT(s) with Chiltern Appropriate Body in partnership with HfL, please register them using Chiltern TSH’s ECT Manager, after registering your school here:  

2.       For any existing ECTs who will be transferring schools for their second year of induction

Please register these ECTs on Herts AB ECT Manager for their second year:

Please note that the Hertfordshire AB service will continue to function separately for FTE year 2 ECTs, to support effective completion of induction for this cohort. No action is required by schools; they will move into their second year of induction and their details will still be available through the Hertfordshire ECT Manager website in the usual way.

For existing part-time ECTs, these ECTs can continue with the Hertfordshire AB service. We will manage the transfer for any PT ECTs who need to complete induction after September 2023.

ECF registration

All ECTs need to follow an ECF programme. There are three ECF routes available for ECF training provision which cover training for ECTs and mentors:

·       Full (DfE-funded training provider)

·       Core (DfE-accredited materials to deliver your own training)

·       School based (Design and deliver your own ECF-based training)

We are encouraging schools to choose the full induction programme through their local TSH where appropriate. There is no expectation that schools use the same partner for AB services and ECF provision. These two functions are separate and should be viewed as such. 

Please ensure you make it clear which ECF provider you will be using when you register your ECT(s) via the DFE portal. Please contact us for further information on options in Hertfordshire (including local delivery partners).

HfL complementary curriculum training for ECTs

HfL will continue to run the full suite of our popular and successful Early Years, Primary and Secondary subject and phase specific training courses next year (some using a blended approach of both online and face-to-face sessions.)

Please see here for more information on HfL ECT training programmes.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Hertfordshire ECT team for further guidance on this process.

Phone: 01438 544472