NQT induction service

Induction is the bridge between training and a career in the teaching profession. In Hertfordshire, Herts for Learning is commissioned by Hertfordshire County Council to provide a robust NQT induction service for schools.

The NQT induction service ensures that newly qualified teachers are fully supported at every stage of the induction process and are registered, monitored, developed and assessed in line with National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) regulations.

The service also provides NQTs with access to extensive NQT-specific training and conferences, as well as a handbook and toolkit detailing the most up-to-date guidance on the NQT induction process.

In 2014–2015, 700-800 NQTs registered for induction services in Hertfordshire.

Staying in Hertfordshire was the best option for me. Having training from Herts for Learning has given me a bank full of ideas to use in class; the advisers are really approachable and it means you’ve got someone else to talk to outside of your school. I’ve met lots of other NQTs going through the same things in other schools across the county.

Sam Goodman, NQT (2014–15)

Schools and Academies registering their NQTs with Herts for Learning can access:

  • Administrative services for registration, monitoring and assessments, including returns to the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL)
  • An online system for headteachers, induction coordinators, tutors and NQTs
  • An NQT induction handbook and toolkit for all NQTs and tutors detailing the most up to date
  • Guidance on the induction process
  • Telephone, email and face-to-face advice, support and guidance for Headteachers, Induction Coordinators, Tutors and NQTs
  • A comprehensive induction training programme across the year and access to over 250 bespoke training courses per term
  • Advice, support and guidance where NQTs experience difficulties
  • Quality assurance to ensure consistency across schools