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The Hertfordshire Appropriate Body ECT induction service

The Hertfordshire Appropriate Body ECT Induction Service

Induction is the bridge between initial teacher training and a career in the teaching profession. Within the county, Hertfordshire Appropriate Body (Hertfordshire County Council in partnership with Herts for Learning) offers a robust ECT induction service for schools.

The ECT induction service ensures that ECTs are fully supported at every stage of the statutory induction process and are registered, monitored, developed and assessed in line with Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) regulations.

The service also provides ECTs and their schools with a digital handbook and toolkit, detailing the most up-to-date guidance on the ECT induction process.

The Hertfordshire Appropriate Body Service: One consistent, objective process

  • Independent and impartial advice and support throughout the whole process
  • Proven track record  with over 20+ years experience and specialised knowledge and expertise
  • Robust and realistic support and advice to ensure the required standards are met at all times
  • Empowering schools - handbook, resources and frameworks to ensure high quality and compliant statutory induction process
  • Administrative services for registration, monitoring, progress reviews and assessments, including returns to the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA)
  • Expertise and guidance for overseas trained teachers
  • Advice, support and guidance where ECTs experience difficulties - quick intervention when needed; "the insurance policy" to ensure standards are met
  • Support for Heads, ECTs including union negotiation and contract termination and appeals
  • Formal "peer review panel" assessment when ECTs are at risk of failure
  • Specialised, dedicated administration team and infrastructure  - rapid response
  • Training for induction tutors/leads included
  • ECTs have access to an extensive suite of high quality phase and subject specific training, designed to complement the Early Career Framework (ECF).

Please see here for more information on the Hertfordhsire Appropriate Body Service and/or ECT training programmes, or contact us on:

Phone: 01438 544472