School business management services

The role of the school business manager has grown significantly over the past ten years, prior to which when the post was virtually unknown in the maintained sector.

Herts for Learning is increasingly aware of the diverse nature of this role, of the additional responsibilities included within the remit of school business management, and of the challenge that schools are facing in recruiting competent business managers.

To support schools with this challenge, Herts for Learning has introduced a School Business Manager Recruitment service, which assists schools with drafting appropriate job descriptions and adverts; advises on candidate shortlisting; develops the format for the interview day; and supports the formal interview process.

Once a new School Business Manager has been successfully appointed, Herts for Learning also offers a School Business Manager Induction service which runs over two or three days. The new business manager will be inducted into their role by an experienced and highly qualified professional mentor, who will subsequently be available to support the School Business Manager through ad hoc phone and email support.

If you are interested in finding out more about Herts for Learning’s School Business Management services, please contact Natalie Dalvarez: