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Salary calculator

Pro-rata calculation tool for support roles

The tool below can be completed to provide commonly requested information that individuals seek when looking at job opportunities. We advise that the pro-rata annual salary is displayed in adverts but recognise that it is often helpful to have weekly and hourly rates internally on occasion too.

This is guidance on adding data to the pro-rata calculator to work out an approximate gross salary. Please note that there may be some variation depending on the number of weeks per year worked, the salary banding and spinal point, and length of consecutive service. 

Steps to help calculate pro-rata salary:

  1. Use the support staff pay ranges and teacher pay ranges page to find your full time salary.
  2. Enter the hours worked per week. This information should be on the job advert.
  3. Adjust the FTE hours if necessary. FTE is normally 37 hours per week for support staff contracts, although they may differ in an independent school or PVI. 
  4. Adjust weeks per year if necessary. Support staff contracts are normally for 38 weeks per year (term time only) + paid holiday entitlement (taking into consideration length of consecutive service). 

For example: a teaching assistant on H5 working 38 weeks per year with 5+ years' service would be entitled to 38 weeks term time + 28 days' holiday = 44.1 weeks. This is the figure you would enter into step 4. 

Note: Teaching contracts are normally 32.5 hours per week, 52.142 weeks per year.
For part time teaching roles the calculation would usually be as simple as full time salary x WTE e.g., 0.6 = actual gross salary. 

This is a guidance note for Schools, Trusts and Managers only. It is not a policy or statutory practice and has been developed to assist you in specific situations. This page can be used to assist with policy implementation but does not form part of the relevant policy. It is recommended for use alongside relevant policies and procedures. Please contact HR Services for further advice: / 01438 544463.