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Transport Links

Hertfordshire borders Greater London to the South, Bedfordshire to the North, Cambridge to the North East, Essex to the East and Buckinghamshire to the West.

Due to the borders with its neighbours, Hertfordshire lies across major road and rail routes connecting London to the Midlands, The North of England and Scotland. In addition, as one of the Home Counties, many towns in Hertfordshire form part of the London Commuter belt.

Some of the country's principle roads run through Hertfordshire. The A1, A1(M), A5, A6, M1, M11 and M25 are all within easy reach.

It is also very well served by public transport links with four principal national railway lines passing through the county: The rail network enables travel to all 4 corners of the country as well as into central London every day.

Hertfordshire is also served by two local airports with Luton in our county and Stansted within 10 miles of the county's borders.

Local bus services are run by a number of private operators. Intalink is an organisation run by the county council that manages transport and funds bus services in rural areas.