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Early years

We asked staff working with children aged 0-5 in Hertfordshire what was the most rewarding thing about their jobs - here's what they had to say:

  • Transforming a reluctant child entering a setting into one that runs in!
  • Being able to support families who are struggling.
  • Making a difference to children in our care. Giving them the best time.
  • Helping create the lightbulb moments with parents.
  • Every day is different, and you never know what's around the corner!
  • Making a positive impact.
  • Being a good role model, inspiring children and giving them a good start.
  • Seeing the children develop.
  • Making a difference in families' lives - not just the children but the parents as well.
  • Supporting SEND families at the beginning of their journey and helping them celebrate the small achievements as well as the big ones

From knowing you can give children the best start to their learning, contributing to their early education, supporting children and their families, empowering women, making positive relationships with families, helping new mums while watching their baby develop - every day is different!

Who should work in Early Years?

We asked Herts employers what they thinkare the most important qualities that they are looking for when recruiting new staff. Here's what they said:

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