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Whether you're an experienced educator seeking new challenges or aspiring to advance in your teaching career, Hertfordshire offers teaching opportunities across a wide range of school settings:

  • 2-tier system (primary and secondary)

  • 3-tier system (lower, middle and upper)

  • Nursery schools

  • Faith schools

  • Special schools with a wide range of specialisms

  • Single sex and co-educational

  • Maintained schools, academies, and independent institutions...

There really is something for everyone!

At Teach in Herts, our mission is to support your career growth by connecting you with institutions that value your expertise and passion for teaching.

Discover valuable insights and strategic guidance on our teaching careers advice pages, to help you navigate your career path. From professional development tips to perfecting the application process, we're here to assist you every step of the way.

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This section includes advice and guidance on becoming a teacher, basic requirements, university-based routes, school-based routes and career changes.

Featured resources

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  • Walk around the setting (on your own) on your knees to see how it feels to be small.

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  • Seeing children make progress both with their learning and socially and emotionally. It’s amazing to be a part of their growth.

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