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As a headteacher you will receive all the support you need in Hertfordshire. This includes training, mentoring, conferences, access to executive coaching and a range of established support networks. Bespoke provision for primary and secondary leaders is detailed below.

Conferences and events

The HFL Education annual conference and events programme includes high profile national online events for teachers, leaders and practitioners in all educational phases and attracts nationally and internationally renowned education experts. Join our mailing list to be sent details of future national conferences and events.

Moving to new headship

HFL Education's Moving to New Headship programme is a comprehensive support and training package for your first year of headship. This includes one-to-one sessions and advice from a Professional Partner – another Hertfordshire headteacher who has been accredited as a professional mentor by HFL. You will also be able to draw upon subsidised sessions with a fully accredited executive coach at points when you feel it would be helpful during your first two years in post.

Ongoing support

Additional support is offered throughout your leadership journey via experience School Education Advisors. SEA support is included through the HCC Core Contract for all maintained schools and available on a flexible subscription basis to suit the needs of academies and other settings.

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