Education in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire is one of the most highly performing education authorities in England. Schools consistently achieve standards well above national averages. The county is committed to providing high-quality education and support for all children in every school and setting, from early years through to further education.

Ofsted data released in August 2017 shows the percentage of schools good and outstanding in Hertfordshire has increased over the year (from 90.5% in August 2016 to 91.7% in August 2017) and remains higher than both the national and statistical neighbour figures (of 89.2% and 89.1% respectively).

The percentage of schools good and outstanding in Hertfordshire has increased by 1.2% over the year, compared to 1.2% nationally and 2.3% for our statistical neighbours.



Not only is Hertfordshire a fantatic place to teach, it is a desirable setting to have a family and educate your own children. With over 520 publically funded schools, ranging from rural to urban settings, there is a wealth of choice for finding the perfect job and developing your career

Herts for Learning

With over 520 shareholder schools, Herts for Learning Ltd (HfL) is the UK’s largest schools’ company. HfL launched in September 2013 and 98.8% of schools in Hertfordshire now own a share in the company. HfL is a financially sustainable, not for profit business, dedicated to raising standards in teaching and reinvesting in children.

HfL provides flexible, high-quality teaching, learning, leadership and business support to schools and education settings in Hertfordshire and beyond. The company helps outstanding schools remain outstanding and good settings to become great. It has a strong track record of supporting schools in making rapid required improvements in the journey to good or better.

Through Herts for Learning and the Teaching School Alliances, Hertfordshire provides a comprehensive and full range of continuing professional development for newly qualified teachers (NQTs) through to headteachers. Together they offer fantastic career development opportunities for ambitious, talented individuals, in a beautiful and varied county bordering London.

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