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About us

Teach in Herts is the dedicated recruitment platform for Hertfordshire schools and settings, and is managed by HFL Education, a not-for-profit schools’ support company.

Our site was originally created in 2001 for teacher recruitment, but later grew to include all staff involved in the smooth running of schools as well as other educational and childcare settings.

Today the site welcomes over 50,000 users every month, seeking to apply for a wide range of school-based roles. 

As part of HFL Education, our expert team of experienced educationalists and HR professionals are well positioned to help you find ongoing training opportunities, networking groups, advice, information and support throughout your career. 

We work closely with local schools, multi academy trusts and childcare settings to ensure we understand and address their specific needs and challenges. This means we are in the very best position to advise job seekers and help them to secure positions in early years, teaching, professional and support roles and leadership.

We have built (and continue to add to) a library of online information, with webinars and recruitment fairs also part of our service:


We attend many events at universities, colleges and job centres, meeting students and job seekers and talking to them about opportunities in our schools.  

We also host our own Hertfordshire Schools Recruitment Fairs, which are a great opportunity for job seekers to come and talk to employers in person and to get lots of useful information and guidance from key industry professionals... look out for information on our spring recruitment fairs, coming soon!



Find out about upcoming recruitment events here!



Hertfordshire welcomes over 600 newly qualified teachers every year. As one of the most highly performing education authorities in England, with a vast range of different settings, it’s a great place to start a teaching career and we pride ourselves on attracting exceptional teachers to inspire our young people, and support both to the highest level. 

Our service doesn’t end there, as we also provide information around Housing, Things to Do and information about the different districts for those new to the county.  

Candidates especially value: 

  • Vacancies at hundreds of settings, all in one place, updated daily

  • Facility to research schools and jobs in a chosen area 

  • Case studies and success stories from Herts school staff – to find out what it’s really like 

  • Automatic job alerts so you don’t miss an opportunity

  • One online application form that can then be tailored as needed to suit each job 

We are always happy to help with any questions or queries, so do please get in touch – we look forward to meeting you! 

We are always happy to help with any questions or queries, so do please get in touch – we look forward to meeting you! 

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Phone us on: 01438 544468