Fairlands Primary School "Part of The Claxton Trust"

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Why work at Fairlands?

If you are passionate and dedicated about making a difference in children's lives, and are looking to work as part of a collaborative, and supportive team, then we encourage you to apply for a role at Fairlands. We are a large, inclusive and well resourced school with a strong commitment to equalities, diversity, and inclusion. We are also firmly committed to reducing staff workload and enhancing staff wellbeing.

What makes Fairlands different?

Larger than average primary school creates opportunities for career progression and collaboration within a larger team of colleagues

We have three forms of entry, with nearly 700 pupils. This means that we have a wide range of career progression opportunities available, as well as a large and supportive team of colleagues to work with. We're committed to providing our employees with the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge, and to progress their careers. Many staff have joined us in one role and progressed to teaching and leadership posts. We'd love to introduce you to our staff who will share their own stories of career progression whilst at Fairlands.

Higher proportions of pupil premium children 

Our staff have chosen to work at Fairlands because they know they make a difference to the lives of many children who are at risk of economic exclusion. We receive significant additional funding to support these children, which is used to provide a range of additional adults for learning support, including additional teaching assistants in each class. This means that our teachers have more time to focus on teaching and learning, and that all of our children can receive the support they need to succeed.

Higher proportions of children with special educational needs 

We also have a higher proportion of children with special educational needs than the national average. Alongside the richness this brings to our school community, this means that we have a higher number of additional adults who are trained to support these children one to one. We also have a non-class based Assistant Headteacher & SENCO who supports children and staff across the school to ensure that all of our children are able to access the curriculum and make progress.

Behaviour in the school is extremely well managed and the school is a calm and safe space for all

You'll notice this calm and orderly atmosphere as soon as you come to visit the school! We have a strong focus on behaviour management, and we believe that all children deserve to learn in a calm and safe environment. We have a clear and consistent behaviour policy in place, and all staff are trained to implement it effectively. This means that our children are able to focus on their learning without any distractions. 

Strong commitment to equalities, diversity and inclusion. 

As a 'No Outsiders' school, we are deeply committed to equalities, diversity and inclusion. We believe that all children, staff and families should have the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their background. We promote understanding and respect for all protected characteristics, including age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation.

Reducing teacher workload and enhancing staff wellbeing are top priorities

We recognise that workload in a school can be high, so we are committed to reducing it as much as possible. We have a number of measures in place to achieve this, such as:

  • providing teachers with regular PPA time, with the choice to work on site or from home

  • reducing the amount of paperwork required from staff

  • enhanced access to support staff in each class

  • accommodating flexible working opportunities wherever this is possible.

We also value and take a holistic approach to staff wellbeing by:

  • having strong values-based leadership and a clear organisational structure

  • encouraging employee voice through communication, consultation, genuine dialogue, and involvement in decision making

  • focusing on building positive relationships

  • providing career development opportunities at all levels

  • providing a confidential staff support service

  • arranging regular staff social events.

Fairlands is just a great place to start your career; to continue your journey of career progression; or to return to work after being away for a while. We would love to show you around.