Mandeville Primary School

Primary St Albans District



Mandeville is a lively and successful school with a cheerful, friendly and hardworking team. Our school has many strengths and we have excellent resources and facilities. Our committed team create a positive and exciting learning environment. Mandeville is a happy, well-organised school with a successful record of supporting and developing staff. We are an ambitious school; staff have the opportunity to really make a difference to children and every child really does matter. We have high standards and will offer you excellent professional development in return for your commitment to deliver the best possible teaching and learning for our children. Many of our children do not come from privileged backgrounds and our aim is to make a difference to children's lives by removing some of the barriers to their learning. Mandeville is the lead school in Spiral Academies Trust, a growing Trust of schools which work together to support each other and create excellent teaching and learning, always and everywhere. The Trust provides exciting opportunities for teachers to work in more than one school. For more information visit our websites: