Margaret Wix Primary School

Primary St Albans District



Margaret Wix is a primary school in St Albans with 6 classes including a morning Nursery. The school is single form entry. There are currently 140 children in our school. The school was opened in 1955 and benefits from a large site with extensive grounds. There is adventure playground equipment for each Key Stage as well as extensive playing fields. The children in the Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) have access to an additional outdoor space to develop themselves physically. We have a very well stocked library with a range of fiction and non fiction books. Children are able to visit the library regularly and we encourage children to develop an enjoyment and interest in reading through various events. We all work closely together to encourage children to become independent learners and to have the confidence to try something new and understand that mistakes can be a valuable part of the learning process. We do this by creating a safe and supportive learning environment. Each child is valued for their individual strengths and talents and supported to make progress in all areas. The education we offer is tailored and adapted to meet the needs of the children in each class.