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The John Warner School "Ignite, Discover, Flourish"

Secondary Broxbourne Borough



Dear Applicant, 

I am delighted to introduce you to The John Warner School and would like to thank you for your interest in playing an important role in both the future of the school and Danes Educational Trust.

The John Warner School is at a challenging and exciting phase of development. As Director of Education for Secondary provision at Danes Educational Trust, a highly successful multi-academy trust working across Hertfordshire, I was seconded to the role of Interim Headteacher at The John Warner School from 1 September 2023, a role I feel privileged to have assumed. I was joined by two further secondees from schools within Danes Educational Trust: Chris Price, a Senior Leader from Chancellor’s School in Potter’s Bar, and Adele Wallis, Associate Principal at Elstree Screen Arts Academy in Borehamwood. The John Warner School is currently an Associate Member of Danes Educational Trust and will join the Trust officially from 1 January 2024, along with two local primary schools, Roselands and The Cranbourne.

Further to its October 2022 Ofsted Report and the Monitoring Report of March 2023, The John Warner School has been on a rapid school improvement journey and already the significant work completed since the start of the Autumn term to stabilise the school is bearing fruit. I have included a number of communications from parents and other stakeholders below in evidence of this.

‘...just had to message you quickly to say how amazing is leadership team at JW!!! Totally blown away.’

‘I attended your meeting this evening and just wanted to drop you an email with my thanks for being so honest and approachable. My son has just started in Year 7.  From the moment I found out that Danes Educational Trust was taking over I could breathe a sigh of relief. I felt a weight had been taken away knowing that my son was going to be ok. I found your speech along with your colleagues to be very moving,  the passion you all have in making The John Warner the best school possible really showed…Thank you so much. I know The John Warner is going to be the making of my son, he will thrive and develop into the young man I want him to be. Thank you again.’

‘Thank you for your response...As an additional note I would like to add that when attending the open evening it was very heart-warming to see the relationship that (my children) had with their teachers and how comfortable and proud they were showing us around the school (student's name) appears so much happier and even family members have noticed how much more confidently she talks about school...the speeches by yourself and Dr Valentine were both very reassuring. So much so that many parents who had virtually ruled out The John Warner on reputation alone are now going to be putting it as their first choice as they now believe The John Warner has a bright future. The John Warner has so much to offer and I am now confident with the right leadership in place that it will be an excellent school to attend. Keep up the good work.'

In joining us, you will discover the following:

  • An extensive, well-kept and beautiful campus with designated Faculty buildings

  • Aspirational and talented students who are keen to learn when taught well

  • A supportive and engaged parental and local community

  • Warm, hard-working, dedicated colleagues, both teaching and support staff

  • Access to the broader community and considerable expertise of Danes Educational Trust, the top performing Trust in Hertfordshire in 2022, and which, from 1 January 2024, will comprise 6 secondary and 6 primary schools

This is a career-defining time to be joining both The John Warner School and Danes Educational Trust. We pride ourselves on developing optimistic, resilient learners and valued, empowered staff. We continually advance our curriculum to be responsive to student needs, and invest in the professional development of our staff to keep ourselves at the cutting edge of educational development. 

To apply for this exciting opportunity please follow the instructions set out in the advertisement accompanying this appointment brief.  If you would like either to meet me or to receive a tour of our school prior to making an application, do please contact my PA, Maria Georgiou, who will be happy to arrange this for you.

I look forward to hearing about the contribution you could make as a key member of our team as we continue to grow and make a difference to young people at The John Warner School and, more broadly,  across Hertfordshire. 

Yours faithfully 


Rachel Brindley
Interim Headteacher, The John Warner School