Tilehouse Street Pre-School and Nursery

North Hertfordshire District



Tilehouse Street Pre-School and Nursery was started in 1968 as Tilehouse Street Playgroup. In April 2016 it became Tilehouse Street Pre-school and Nursery.  The Manager of Tilehouse Street Pre-school and Nursery is Mr Chris Roblett. The setting is a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance and is managed by a Parent run committee.

The rooms used are rented from the church and can accommodate up to 25 children per session. A large hall is available most days for the use of large physical play equipment. An outdoor area next to the main room allows children to dig, plant and watch things grow and have space to extend their play.  The children are also able to access their own toilets. Outings of varying lengths are arranged at least once every half a term and more frequently when possible.

Our Aims

By attending Tilehouse Street Pre-School and Nursery, children will be enabled to:

  • Value their own achievements.

  • Take responsibility for their finished work.

  • Complete activities to the best of their ability in their own time.

  • Choose from a wide curriculum of activities available to each child every session.

  • Interact with other children and adults in the group.

  • Share activities within the group

  • Work towards the Early Learning Goals that most children will achieve by the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage (age5+)