Tracks Autism

Early yearsSpecial Stevenage Borough



TRACKS autism is an independent local charity and Early Years Centre, based in Stevenage, for children with autism and related conditions. It also provides respite for children’s families and carers during school holidays.

TRACKS  provides a calm environment for up to 9 children per 3.5 hour session, currently running 6 sessions over 5 days, 48 weeks of the year. We have a high ratio of dedicated and specially trained staff to help the children develop:

· The means and motivation to communicate with others

· The ability to play and become active learners

· Basic skills and understanding of the world around them

These aims are achieved in close partnership with parents and families in order to meet the individual needs of the child in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage. TRACKS utilises a holistic and multi-sensory approach to learning through play.