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Watford Grammar School for Girls

Secondary Watford Borough



Watford Girls Grammar School (WGGS) is an Ofsted outstanding school offering a rich educational experience.

The Watford Grammar schools grew from the Free School, a charity school for 60 pupils founded by Dame Elizabeth Fuller in 1704, next to the parish churchyard in the centre of Watford. Mrs Fuller’s values of tolerance, care, dedication and service to others were at the heart of school life then and remain so now. The schools became separate foundations for boys and girls in 1881.

The history of WGGS is one of continuing development, progress and improvement. The school has a proud record of academic success which stretches back over 300 years, and prides itself on developing girls with the skills to flourish in an increasingly complex, technological and culturally varied society.

On 1 September 2010, WGGS along with Watford Grammar School for Boys became one of the new Academic Converter Academies.


The WGGS motto Sperate Parati (go forward with preparation) is the foundation for the school’s core aims, these are:

• to be a centre of academic excellence and achievement which provides a wide spectrum of educational opportunities

• to be a respected place of academic teaching where learning takes place in an inclusive, caring, stimulating and supportive environment that allows all our students to fulfil their potential

More broadly, WGGS seeks to ensure that each girl:

• is encouraged to achieve excellence in all areas of the curriculum and in all aspects of school life

• achieves a sense of dignity, personal responsibility and self-esteem

• learns to work on her own and as part of a team and can operate independently in the adult world

• is resilient, has an open mind and the ability to make and understand moral judgments

• receives a balanced and broad education and is equipped with those skills necessary to undertake a lifetime of learning