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Meet Pre-School Leader, Diane

Meet Pre-School Leader, Diane

Diane started off working in a dry cleaners in Hitchin at 16 years old after being unsure of what career path she wanted to take. She then decided to study for her NNEB qualification. Diane says, “after having my daughter and also looking after my nephews, I thought, I could really do this.”

 Diane took the plunge and enrolled at college, firstly doing a year access course followed by the 2-year NNEB course.

 Diane says “my daughter was my incentive to have a career and I wanted better for my daughter. I didn’t have the confidence to attend college straight from school. Attending college further boosted my confidence as I had placements in pre-schools and nursery settings. I knew then that I wanted to work with pre-school and nursery aged children.”

Between 1999 and 2010, Diane had a variety of roles within the early years sector and strived to continue her learning and knowledge of the early years. “I was trying to find my niche of what I really wanted.”

Diane’s perseverance came in 2011 when a teacher at a pre-school noticed her hard work and determination and gave her the encouragement she needed to take the next step and apply for a pre-school leader role.

“At every step of climbing the ladder I have continued to learn.”

Although a pre-school leader, Diane remains very hands-on within the pre-school. “I’m involved in all aspects of the pre-school, from changing nappies, cleaning, setting up and interacting with the children. I do the paperwork at home so I can spend quality time with the children and staff.”

Diane is always willing to take on students and offer them the opportunity she had.

When asked what the top 3 things were she loved about her job, she said; the children, doing something that matters, and it keeps active.

Diane’s top 3 values for working in early years would be : caring, dedicated and hardworking.