Meet Nursery Caretaker, Lucy

Meet Nursery Caretaker, Lucy

Can you describe your journey into working in education (how did you qualify, what have been the key steps along the way)?

My youngest daughter was attending the nursery in the mornings and although I didn't have many hours available, I really wanted to get back into work and spend time with other adults. I'm a bit of a DIY person at home and the caretaker role sounded like a good place to start, working with a team I already knew to be thoroughly lovely. It proved to be a good decision and I was able to increase my hours once she started in full-time school too.

What are the key things that you love about your job?

Everyone was really friendly and supportive, and it has felt great to be part of a team again. I really enjoy the variety too - as well as gardening, decorating and fixing broken things I have been involved in reviewing health and safety policies, liaising with the local authority, getting quotes for building work and playground equipment, scheduling contractors, managing the cleaning team, helping with events and testing the fire alarms (always exciting for the children!)

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to work in a similar role?

Be flexible and expect the unexpected!