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Meet SENCO, Claire

Meet SENCO, Claire

Can you describe your journey into working in education (how did you qualify, what have been the key steps along the way)?

  • BEd Primary Education degree with QTS 1 term as a Reception teacher (temp)
  • 2 terms supply across EYFS, KS1, KS2 and SEN settings
  • Relocated to Hertfordshire 6 years in JMI school
  • 7 years + as SENCO in current school

What are the key things that you love about your job?

SEND is a highly valued part of our school so I am given the trust and time to do my job effectively which is very rewarding.

  • I love seeing staff develop their skills and become more confident.
  • I love seeing children happy to come to school because they are well supported.
  • I love networking with other SENCOs in the local area as it can be a lonely job in a school.
  • I love being able to continue my CPD and learn new ways to help children thrive

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to work in a similar role?

  • Look for a school that is willing to support your CPD and NASENCO award
  • Look for a school that is prepared to give you enough time to do the job effectively
  • Talk to other SENCOs - we all have different experiences
  • Be prepared to do alot of admin!