The Reach Free School "ACE: Achievement, Community and Enjoyment"

Secondary Three Rivers District



The Reach Free School is a successful 11-18 secondary school, which opened in September 2013 and is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2023. The over-subscribed school is a popular choice for local families. In September 2018 the school moved into a brand new purpose built building right in the heart of the community that it serves. 

All involved with the school have high aspirations for our pupils and high expectations of them. As such we expect all pupils to:

  • Commit their best efforts to all that they do
  • Support each other to achieve their potential
  • Work with their teachers to exceed their goals
  • Demonstrate exemplary behaviour in all that they do
  • Take pride in their school and its community within its walls and beyond
  • Enjoy learning

The Reach Free School plays an active role in the community, working with local businesses, supporting local events and providing a hub for local services. Pupils are very much involved in the school’s wider responsibilities, developing skills in leadership and decision making, communication and collaboration and independent, self led learning.

A sense of purpose and responsibility pervades lessons and activities at The Reach Free School and it is important that our pupils recognise their own responsibilities as members of the community. It is this that underpins The Reach Free School’s ethos; Achievement, Community, Enjoyment – ACE.